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Oachira Temple Kerala

At a first glance, Oachira seems like a normal temple of Kerala with traditional surroundings and a definitive structural layout to worship the god, but, the place looks unlike of a temple. It is a unique pilgrim center, which worships Lord Parabrahmam, but with no proper structure or an idol for pilgrims to worship. Oachira Temple is situated on the Kollam-Alappuzha main road and it has neither the idol of the deity nor a proper temple structure. Yet, a lot of tourists visit this exclusive destination to worship Lord Parabharhmam and to attend the annual festival 'Oachirakkali' held every year in the month of June.


The uniqueness of this temple, makes it one of the prime tourist destinations in Kollam, visited by thousands of tourists every year. With no perfect structure and mode of worship, the temple manages to attract a large number of tourists, who believes in the presence of God at the temple. The festival, which takes place here every year has men, both young and old, indulge in mock fights, into a waterlogged paddy field. This is again a very unique festival, which the visitors love to witness on their pilgrimage tour to Oachira in Kollam.

  • Oachira Temple Kollam, Kerala
  • Oachira Temple Kollam
  • Oachira Temple, Kollam
  • Oachira Temple Kerala

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