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This huge rock at Chandayamangalam is not an ordinary hillock, which offers great trekking experience to travelers. In fact, it is something more significant and mythological, that attract numerous adventure enthusiasts from different parts of the country throughout the year. Jatayupara is a big rock, situated in a village, near to Kollam District, where Jatayu, the giant vulture from the epic Ramayana, was believed to be fell after being injured by Ravana, who kidnapped Goddess Sita. This beautiful spot is rich in natural beauty and so a lot of visitors come here to experience the loveliness of exotic forests and to view the rocky hillock, which has a mythological significances attached to it.


The name of this hill is derived from the mythical bird Jatayu, who is believed to have collapsed on the rock after failing in his attempt to rescue Sita from the kidnap of Ravana's. The bird played an important role in the epic Ramayana and the legends believes that the bird took his last breath on this rock. Since then, this large rock has been called after the bird Jatayu. One can find a small temple on top of this bedrock, which is dedicated to the lord Ram. Some people also say that it is the same place where Lord Rama and his younger brother Lakshmana came to know about the kidnapping of his wife Sita.


On special occasions, the villagers gather at this temple to perform prayers. An annual crafts fair is also held here each winter, where craftsmen from various parts of the country assemble to exhibit their goods. The festival is held every year in the months of December-January. For adventure enthusiasts, Jatayupara leads to a long trail of exotic jungle, good for trekking and offers excellent opportunities to experience hand-gliding.

The monkeys living here are friendly and harmless and the devotees visiting the temple feed these creatures with nuts and fruits.

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