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Shanta Durga Devi Mandir Goa

Info About Shri Chandranath Mandir Goa

Hiking & spirituality - the Shri Chandranath Mandir in Goa gives you the opportunity for both! Situated atop the Chandranath Hill in Paroda on the Margao to Quepim route, it enjoys such immense importance in the region, and is highly revered by the locals.

The temple is associated with a fascinating mythology no doubt, but what catches your attention about the temple is its spectacular location. The temple is reached via a winding road that cuts its way gently through a hill, popularly known as Parbat among the locals.

On your way, you are treated to lovely views of the Western Ghats, abundant with flora & fauna. The views compel you to stop & stare for a few minutes or so. Finally, the winding road reaches a clearing, wherein sits the Shri Chandranath Mandir.

Features of the Temple

The architectural brilliance of the temple is evident by the fact that on any full moon light, the moon light falls directly on the Lingam in the sanctum sanctorum. This Linga is not believed to have been installed by any human being, but made its appearance all by itself.

In close proximity to the temple lies another temple dedicated to Bhootnath, or, Master of the Spirits. The temple has undergone several renovations over the years, with the earliest ones believed to have been undertaken between the 10th and 11th century.

Some interesting tips

  • The climb to the Shri Chandranath Mandir takes almost 20 minutes.
  • During the monsoon, you may even catch sight of wild crabs

How to reach?

Shri Chandranath Mandir is located just 15 kilometers from Margao City. You can hire a taxi or auto rickshaws to reach it.

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