Tourist Attractions in Goa

The top tourist attractions in Goa offer you a rich & diverse holiday experience. Relax & party at the beaches, visit the waterfalls, lakes & spice plantations & observe its rich flora & fauna in the wildlife sanctuaries.

About Top Tourist Attractions in Goa

Goa has several top tourist attractions which offer ample opportunities for the best sightseeing, exploration, and some adventure activities. The major attractions of Goa tourism are its beaches, where you can chill, party or relax. Other best places to see in Goa tours like its churches, temples & museums, offer an insight into its rich heritage & culture. Lakes, waterfalls & wildlife sanctuaries are other tourist places in Goa where you can observe its natural beauty & rich flora & fauna.

Goa Beaches


The beaches in Goa are scattered across North & South Goa. The beaches in the north are famous for their nightlife, watersports activities & delicious seafood.

Waterfalls Goa

Lakes & Waterfalls

There are numerous lakes & waterfalls in Goa, many of which offer you opportunities for trekking.

Spice Plantation

Spice Plantation

Not many tourists know that Goa is dotted with several spice plantations, and going on a Spice Plantation Tour is a one of its kind experiences.

Goa Churches


How can someone come to Goa and not miss its beautiful churches. They are an essential part of Goa’s rich heritage & culture as some of them date back to ancient times.

Temples Goa


Some of the temples in Goa date back to medieval times,and as such, are rich in history, besides being an obvious place of worship.



Although the museums in Goa are not as touristy as the beaches, that’s no reason to exclude them from your top things to see in Goa.


Wildlife Sanctuary

Goa is also home to a rich wildlife, unbeknownst to many. However, you can spot & explore its rich flora and fauna in these wildlife sanctuaries.

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