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About Natural Springs in Goa

The large number of natural springs in Goa come as a surprise. The state is dotted with few popular springs and several lesser-known springs, of which some have unfortunately lost their charm. Nonetheless, these natural springs are unique in their own way and some boast possessing medical properties that can heal people from different diseases.

Amongst the most popular springs in Goa is Kesarval, which got its name from the colony of eagles that was once here. The spring is popular amongst visitors for its medicinal properties. Other springs in Goa are also a must-see, but they require more efforts to be discovered or reached as some of them are in the forest areas, and some, well have been forgotten about.

Popular Tourist Attractions

  • Kesarval in Verna is the most popular natural water spring in Goa that is known for its healing properties.
  • Ana Fonta Spring is located in the heart of Margao and around it a garden is created making it quite a place to visit in Goa.
  • The Cube Gallery : Located in the sleepy village of Moira, the gallery serves as an exhibition hall, workshop, soundboard, and a place for a growing community of artists.
  • Rivona Spring in South Goa is one of the best springs to visit in the state. At one time, 3 people only can take a bath in the water of this spring in Goa.

Top Springs in Goa

  • Kesarval Spring
  • Pomburpa Springs
  • Nageshi Temple Springs
  • Ambora Springs
  • Udear Springs
  • Boca de Vaca Springs
  • Vhoddli and Dhakti Springs
  • Sonalle Spring
  • Uddier/Amlar Spring
  • Patna Spring
  • Adollem Spring
  • Kanttem Spring
  • Remeth Sokol Spring
  • Ana Fonta Spring
  • Challsamchi Zor
  • Raia Spring
  • Pe. Jose Vaz Spring
  • Rivona Spring
  • Betul Spring I
  • Betul Spring II
  • Betul Spring III
  • Mardol Spring

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