Best Time to Visit Goa

Goa has three seasons: summer, monsoon & winter. During the summers, it can get quite hot in Goa, while the monsoons bring a lot of rains in the entire state. The weather during the winters is pleasant and offers the perfect conditions for having a wonderful time by visiting its beaches or indulging in other activities.

When to Visit Goa for holidays?

Goa can be visited during the summer, monsoon & winter seasons. It all depends on the kind of experience you are out for. Here’s the detailed climate of Goa according to the three seasons.

Climate in Goa


Summer Season (March till May, Temperature 25°C to 40°C)

The summer season in Goa, like many other parts of the country, is hot and humid. The temperature from March to June ranges between 25°C to 40°C. There are two reasons why you should plan a trip to Goa during the summer season. One is that, because summer is an off-season time in Goa, you are likely to get accommodations in hotels & homestays at relatively cheaper prices. Second, you won’t come across many tourists during this time, and can spend your time in peace and quiet.


Monsoon Season (Mid-June to October, Temperature 25°C to 30°C)

The monsoon season in Goa starts from July and lasts till August, with the temperature ranging between 25°C to 30°C. The state receives medium to high rainfall, and while the beaches are closed for tourists, there are a lot of other activities that you can enjoy during this season. The extremely popular festivals of Sao Joao & the mud games of Chikalkala are held during this time.


Winter Season (Mid November to Mid-February, Temperature 21°C to 28°C)

The winter season in Goa starts from mid-November and lasts till mid-February, with the temperature ranging between 21°C to 28°C. A majority of the tourists prefer to visit Goa during the winters as the weather is pleasant & inviting and the conditions are perfect for relaxing on the beaches. Christmas & New Year festivals are also celebrated with the utmost enthusiasm, and are extremely popular among tourists.

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