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Carambolim Lake Goa

Information About Carambolim Lake Goa

Come to Carambolim Lake to watch Pink Flamingos, Cattle Egrets & other birds of every colour, shape & size. Visit it to enjoy the calmness that is not often to be found in tourist packed Goa.

If you happen to enjoy photography, you cannot ask for a more picturesque spot than Carambolim Lake. In fact, the lake and the areas surrounding it are so famous that it was declared the Carambolim Bird Sanctuary a few years back.

The Best Place for Bird Watching in Goa

Located in close proximity to the village of Carmali in North Goa, Carambolim Lake is one of the best places for bird watching in Goa, and even in India. There are both aquatic & terrestrial types of birds.

Types of Birds to See in Carambolim Lake

There are several types of birds that you can spot at Carambolim Lake. The most commonly spotted birds are Cattle Egret, Pond Heron, red rumped swallow, little egret, pheasant tailed jacana, coot and bronze winged jacana & purple moorhen.

Other birds that you can spot at the lake are garganeys, open billed storks, marsh harriers, cotton pygmy goose & shovelers. Some of the birds though, can only be spotted during the winter months, the most famous of which are the pink flamingoes.

The forests surrounding the lake are also home to a rich variety of birds. Spotting a Jungle Owlet or Brown Hawk Owl is always a delight. The lake itself is a picture of exceptional beauty, covered as it is with lilies, Indian Marsh Snowflakes, nymphs & water hyacinths.

History of the Carambolim Lake

Carambolim Lake is a manmade freshwater lake which was originally created to irrigate the paddy fields surrounding it. It is surrounded by dense vegetation, and is inhabited by various kinds of herbivorous birds. Some of them reside here permanently, while others visit it only at certain times of the year.

Carambolim Lake was declared a bird sanctuary when ornithologists observed the heavy growth of a weed called Salvinia. The weed rendered the lake unfit for certain migratory birds.

They brought this matter to the notice of the Forest Department, who sprung into immediate action. They converted & declared the lake Carambolim Lake Sanctuary, while clearing the lake of the destructive weeds.

Best Time to Visit Carambolim Lake

The lake appears at its most beautiful during the monsoon. To spot a variety of birds, however, you should visit it a little after the monsoon season till the month of March.

How to Reach Carambolim Lake?

Carambolim Lake is located in the village of Carmali in North Goa in the Tiswadi Taluka, about 12 kilometers from Panaji, the capital city of Goa. You can easily reach it via two wheelers, taxi or auto rickshaws.

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