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Saptakoteshwar Temple Goa

Info About Saptakoteshwar Temple Goa

The Saptakoteshwar Temple has withstood the attacks of the Delhi Sultanate and the Portguese, and stands today in all its glory. It is another of those ancient temples which shed light of the rich ancient history & heritage of Goa.

Located in the village of Narve, the Saptakoteshwar Temple is considered to be one of the six sites which have temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. Saptakoteshwar was one of the principal deities of the Kadamba dynasty dating back to the 12th century.

You should visit the temple not just for its architectural style but for the important history associated with it.

History of Saptakoteshwar Temple

The original Saptakoteshwar Temple was located in Narve on Divar Island, and was built by Kadambas. The Kadamba Kingdom was conquered by the Bahmani Sultan Alluddin Hasan Gangu in 1352, which resulted in the destruction of several temples.

In 1367, King Harihara conquered Hassan Gangu’s troops, and restored the temple to all its former glory. However, after 200 years, the temple came under attack once again by the Portuguese conquerors.

After a war between Shivaji & the Portuguese, the temple was rebuilt in 1688. The stone plague mentioning this order is installed at the entrance gate.


Legend has it that seven holy sages set off to worship Lord Shiva at a place where five holy rivers met the sea. After undergoing penance for seven years, they were blessed with the appearance of Lord Shiva, who agreed to grant all their wishes.

Lord Shiva agreed to stay back in one of his incarnations, which is known as Saptakoteshwar (sapt seven & koteshwar means Lord of Crores).

Features of Saptakoteshwar Temple

The Saptakoteshwar Temple is built in the medieval style of architecture. There is a small entrance marked with bells, while the main five pillared hall is decorated with arches. Intricate designs adorn the ceiling while the sanctorum wall is composed of plain wood.

The mandapa of the temple is built in a distinct European style, which is quite interesting to watch. Brahminical laterite and stone caves surround the temple. In the area close to the temple, there once existed a Jain Math, whose ruins are visible even today.

How to reach?

Saptakoteshwar Temple is located about 35 kilometers from Panaji in a village called Narve. It can be reached via a ferry boat from the island of Divar.

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