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Info About Chapora Fort Goa

Located 10 km away from the town of Mapusa, bewitching and vivid, Chapora Fort in Chapora Village has remarkably withstood the ravages of time. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and one only needs an eye to appreciate the beauty of this secluded ruined Fort.

This fort was shown in the filming of Bollywood movie Dil chahta Hai and became very popular among youngsters as Dil Chahta hai Fort after the movie gained a lot of recognition.

Native laterite stone and hilly terrains joined hands to take you back in time, when this fort used to be the pride of Portuguese rulers. Who knows about the great stories that were once created here? Who knows how many battles were once fought here? One can only imagine. Little remains of barracks, secret tunnels, officer quarters and cylindrical towers give fuel to the imagination.

Historical Tale of Ruined Beauty

The ruined Chapora Fort was once the stronghold of Sultan Adil Shah of Bijapur but it was seized by Portuguese and became the precious pearl in their necklace of Forts. However, the fort could keep its grandeur intact due to the constant attacks from the mighty Marathas in 1684 and 1739. Hence the mighty Chapora Fort lost its shine.

In 1717, Portuguese conquered the Chapora Fort and a ray of hope was established in the form of secret underground passageways to allow access to supplies in case there is an invasion.

As luck would have it, Chapora Fort was again invaded by Marathas in 1739 and the secret underground passageway was proved to be useful in escaping the enemies. However, the effort was futile as the fort was unable to protect the northern boundaries.

New Conquest and New Hope

In 1741 during the new conquests Portuguese regained Chapora Fort and conquered the province of Pernem at the opposite bank of Chapora River as there was a threat of invasion from the Maharaja of Sawantvadi of Pernem. Chapora Fort lost its military significance forever due to its failure to protect the northern boundaries. It was abandoned in 1892. The curtain of life for Chapora Fort fell.

Legend - Believe it or Not

If the legend is to be believed then the story of the conquest of Chapora Fort is very interesting to know. It was believed that the walls of the Chapora Fort were impossible to scale but the Maratha Leader’s men clinged to 15 m long monitor lizards to scale its walls. The Portuguese General was so mesmerized by this sight that he surrendered the fort without even firing a single shot.

Things of Delight

Chapora Fort is one of the most popular tourist attractions In North Goa. Exquisite views of Arabian Sea, Chapora River, Enchanting views of Chapora, Anjuna and Vagator beach, breathtaking sunset would be the major attraction when you stroll around. The fun of Chapora Fort can be best exemplified when you will visit the pristine beaches and enjoy lots of water sports and chill vibes of open air cafes. So, while enjoying the Goa Tour don’t forget to visit this amazing piece of delight.

Visiting Time - 9:30am - 5:30pm

Top things to do in and around Chapora Fort

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Frequently Asked Questions

By Road - Chapora Fort is 21 Km away from Panaji. Taxi or cab will be the easiest mode of transport to reach Chapora Fort from Panaji through Aguada- Siolim Road. Buses are also available from Panaji to Chapora Beach.

By Air - Goa International Airport is the nearest airport. From the Airport you can take any private cab or taxi to reach Chapora Fort. Local bus and cab services are also available to take you to Chapora Fort.

By train - Thivim Railway and Karmali Railway are the nearest Railway station to reach Chapora Fort.

Chapora is a great place to enjoy when it comes to nightlife, some of the most popular nightclubs in Chapora are –

  • Water Beach lounge
  • Hill top
  • Chronicle
  • Cape town cafe
  • Curlies and Shiva valley

Chapora is also famous for shacks that rejuvenate your soul and mind, these shacks provide mouthwatering food with a good Sea view, some of the best shacks to enjoy with family and friends -

  • Unknown isolated Shack
  • Sea gull beach shack
  • Our shack
  • Beach bar

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