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Kamakshi Saunshan Temple Goa

Info About Kamakshi Saunshan Temple Goa

You must have heard of the famous Kamakhya Mandir in Assam, but there is a temple dedicated to the same goddess in Goa. The only difference is that here, she is known as Goddess Kamakshi. The Kamakshi Saunsthan temple stands in the quaint village of Shiroda & was built in the late 16th century. There is an enormous temple gate which leads to the Kamakshi Temple Complex, commonly known as Sthal. The temple complex is fascinating no doubt, as is the history & mythology surrounding it.

History Kamakshi Temple Shiroda

It is believed that the original Kamakshi Mandir was located in Raia village in the Salcete taluka. It was shifted to the village of Shiroda in Ponda Taluka between 1654 & 1568, as the then representative of the Portuguese regime in Goa, went about destroying temples as part of the Inquisition.

Fortunately, a potter from the Raia village, accompanied by a handful of worshippers, smuggled the idol of Goddess Kamakshi across the river. Initially, the devotees accompanying the deity put up at Vazem in Shiroda, followed by the Bharbhat Ward. However, when they felt unsafe, they moved to Thal in Shiroda, where the temple stands today.

Features of the Kamakshi Temple

The Kamakshi Saunsthan Lairai Devi Mandir consists of a large Sabha Mandap, the traditional open entrance hall. A water tank is situated in front of the temple. Inside, there is a square shaped chowk called Gan, where the Prasad rituals are conducted.

Other deities that can be seen inside the temple are Lord Shiva, Lord Lakshminarayana or Lord Vishnu with his consort, Goddess Laxmi & Goddess Shanta Durga. Every New Moon Day, a palanquin procession of Shree Laxmi Narayana is taken around the temple complex.

Other famous palanquin processions arise those of Shri Rayehswar, held on the occasion of Chaturdashi or New Moon Day. Annual festivities, which attract a lot of devotees, are held during Navratri/Dussehra.

Legend Behind Kamakshi Temple

The presiding deity of Lairai Devi Mandir finds mention in the Sahyadri Khand of the Skanda Purana. It says that once, a Brahmin named Agnimukh resided in a place called Rai (the present day Raia).

He sent his son, Gunakar to the forest to collect the dry grass used in the rituals. Unfortunately, a demon by the name of Mahishasura, who resided in the same forest, swallowed the Brahmin boy.

The Brahmin appealed to the local protectors, Hara & Hari, for help. They advised him to take help from Goddess Kamakshi. The deity then challenged the demon to a fight, in which she hit him with a bolt.

Surprised & defeated, the demon begged for forgiveness & withdrew into the netherworld, or Patal. Thereafter, Agnimukh requested the deity to stay on in the Rai region, and she obliged him by staying there permanently.

Online Darshan

You can enjoy Live Darshan of the temple through its two channels: Channel 1 & Channel 2.


5:30 AM to 8:30 PM

How to reach?

The Kamakshi Saunsthan Lairai Devi Mandir is located about 37 kilometers from Panjim Kadamba Bus Stand, 32.7 kilometers from Vasco Da Gama Railway Station & 19 kilometers from Margao Railway Station.

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