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Shanta Durga Devi Mandir Goa

Info About Shanta Durga Devi Mandir Goa

At the Shanta Durga Devi Mandir, located in Kavlem in North Goa, you come across the magnificent idol of Goddess Sri Durga, one that exudes infinite power & grace. She is surrounded by Lord Vishnu & Lord Shiva on both sides.

Features of the Temple

The temple is flanked by huge buildings of the Agarshala (guest house). An enormous lake is situated in front of the temple. At the entrance of the temple, there is a big door, on top which stands the Nagarkhana (a room housing drums & other musical instruments).

In close proximity to the main temple stands a temple dedicated to Lord Narayana, which also houses an idol of Lord Ganapati. Both of these idols are carved out of stone.

History of the Temple

The temple of Shanta Shri Durga Mandir is believed to have been located at Keloshi originally. From there, it was shifted to Kavlem during the rule of the Portuguese government. The temple, as it stands today, was built from 1713 AD to 1738 AD. The temple has undergone numerous renovations over the years.

Accommodation Option in Shanta Durga Devi Mandir

There is an Agrashala (guest house) associated with the temple where you can book a stay at reasonable prices. There are 98 well equipped flats in the guest house. Each of these comprise 1 room & 1 kitchen along with toilet/bathroom facilities (hot water geyser facility is available).

Besides these housing facilities, there is also a marriage hall with facilities for providing lunch, Puja/Vidhi hall & Khanaval (canteen).

Some of the festivals held at the temple

  • Vasant Utsav
  • Palkhi Utsav
  • Diwali
  • Dussehra
  • Ram Navami
  • Maha Shivratri Utsav Rath
  • Shree Laxmi Narayana Utsav

Temple Timings

5:00 AM-10:00 PM

How to reach?

Shanta Durga Devi Mandir is located almost 33 kilometers from Panaji, on the outskirts of Kavalem village.

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