Tourist Attractions in Tezu

Arunachal is popularly called the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’, so, when in Tezu, one of the best things to do is to witness this marvellous phenomenon which has the reputation of leaving every traveller gasping in awe of its hypnotizing beauty; the scenic ‘Dong Valley’ situated at the tri-junction of three countries, India, China and Myanmar, just a short distance from Tezu offers the most magnetizing views of sunrise in Arunachal; venture on a trek here during the wee hours of dawn and get captivated with the most magical scenery, the first ray of rising sun brings along.

Tezu hides in its store, plenty of other interesting tourism spots too which prove to be a delight for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers alike; ‘Glow Lake’ and ‘Chaglogam’ make for must visit destinations for avid trekking enthusiasts. ‘Tezu Park’ and ‘Tezu Botanical Garden’ are perfect places to visit for those interested in leisurely nature strolls and family picnics. In case one is intrigued by some history, can take a sightseeing tour to ‘Walong’, the very place where Indian soldiers chivalrously fought with the Chinese forces that invaded India in 1962.

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