Walong Arunachal Pradesh

A small cantonment area in Arunachal Pradesh, Walong is the eastmost town where the first sun rays fall in India. Walong is mainly known for its memorials to the Indians died during the 1962- Sino-Indian War. The memorial is located on the road leading North to Kibithu. There are also two small temples, located in on 'Helmet Top', a hill position some 18 kilometers away. Walong is also known for hot water spring, which is hardly 9 kilometers from the main city. The hot water spring attracts a good number of tourists from other parts of India. The border is approximately 50 kilometers from Walong.

Getting There

Walong is a part of the Anjaw District and 200 kilometers from the district headquarters town of Tezu. A road trip from Guwahati to Tisukia via Hayuliang, Parasuram Kund, Hawai and Tezu also can be a good option to reach Walong.

Things to Do & See in and around

At Walong, make a point to visit the memorial to the Indian war dead of 1962. You can also visit Dong, the easternmost village which is hardly a kilometer away, and known for its sunrise.

Walong in Tezu
Best time to visit

October to March will be the best time to plan a visit to Walong.

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