Tezu District Museum and Craft Center

Tezu District Museum and Craft Center located in Tezu, Lohit district of Arunachal Pradesh. This is a must visit attraction and it showcases a number of best art collections that reflect and depict the story of the culture of the tribal Arunachal people. This is a famous place if you want to be surrounded by the local history, you can take a glance of the traditional weapons, costumes and ornaments used by the tribal and also some unique collections include paintings and manuscripts. This popular tourist attraction ‘Tezu District Museum and Craft Center’ was established in the year 1956 and it aims to bring awareness of their local cultures of tribe.

Getting There

You can reach Tezu via national highway 15, 115 crossing Assam from the capital Itanagar. You can get regular taxis and buses that run to and from to this destination.

Things to Do & See in and around

Tezu has many tourist hot spots like Dong, Glow Lake, Parasuram Kunda, Chaglogam, Walong, Hawa Camp, D’Ering Memorial Wildlife Sanctuary, Tezu Botanical Garden and Tezu Park.

Tezu District Museum
Best time to visit

Best time to visit Tezu is between October to March, when the air is cool and pleasant. However, the January might be chilly.

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