Tourist Attractions in Tawang

Tawang is a place which lures nature lovers, spiritually inclined, adventure freaks and cultural buffs alike. While there are a number of tourism places in this little town, the most popular tourist attraction which grabs the attention of almost every traveller here is its colossal ‘Tawang Gompa’. Dating back to 400 years, the monastery is one of the biggest in the world and serves home to more than 700 monks. Inside the main prayer hall of the monastery, sits a 27 ft. high gilded statue of Lord Buddha blessing every visitor with eternal wellbeing and lifelong happiness.

In case, one is up for some nature exploration in Tawang, the best thing to do is to embark on a scenic drive to the two enchanting lakes in the vicinity of this tiny hamlet, ‘P.T. Tso Lake’ and ‘Madhuri Lake’.

Cradled amidst the mighty Himalayas and immersed in melodious chirps of Himalayan birds. These lakes can truly be referred to as epitomes of surreal natural beauty and provide for hypnotizing spectacles to all the visitors. Shopping is indeed yet another of the interesting things to do in Tawang. The ‘Old Tibetan Market’ is the must visit site and provides for a great shopping experience offering tons of handicraft stuff, Chinese crockery and items of religious significance such as Buddha statues, miniature prayer wheels and rosaries.

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