Jaswant Garh War Memorial Arunachal Pradesh

Jaswant Garh is a famous tourist attraction in Arunachal Pradesh and it is widely visited all year round. Jaswant Garh was famously known as Jaswantgarh War Memorial and this memorial is garland in honor of late Jaswant Singh Rawat. He was an Indian rifleman of 4 Garhwal Rifles, Uttarakhand and for his bravery; Jaswant Rawat was honored by a memorial at the post where he fought the Chinese army. Today, you can notice Jaswant Garh flocking with visitors from different states. This is a majortourist attraction to visit in Arunachal Pradesh.

Jaswant Garh is located about 25 kilometers from Tawang in Nuranang district. This must visit place sits at an altitude of about 10,000 feet and an interesting feature is that it has a temple-like structure is dotted with the camouflage pattern all over the memorial. However, today you will find all the Garhwal Rifles deployed on the Indian western borders but an interesting fact about this memorial is that you can notice at least few personnel here, taking care of Jaswant Garh (Rawat). You can make a day out of it by simply visiting the attraction and snacking along with various quick foods to keep you warm during cold weather. This popular tourist destination serves tea/coffee along with delicious samosas and pakoras to refresh the tourists.

Getting There

Jaswant Garh is located about 25 kilometres from Tawang in Nuranang district and you can get regular taxis from the town.

Jaswant Garh War Memorial
Things to Do & See in and around

Being a memorial of Jaswant Singh Rawat, you can live in the past by wandering around the Jaswant Garh memorial. You can also visit the Nuranang Falls if you happen to tour around.

Best Time to Visit

March to September is the best months to visit Tawang and sight-see Jaswant Garh.

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