Nyokum -Yullo Festival Arunachal Pradesh

The traditional festival of Arunachal Pradesh, Nyokum is mainly celebrated by the Nyishi tribe. The term 'Nyokum' is derived from two words - "Nyok" means "land or earth" and "Kum" means collectiveness or togetherness. That's perhaps the why it is called that celebrating this festival is like inviting all the Gods and Goddesses of the Universe. It is celebrated to invocate spirit forces in nature to ensure the harmony, prosperity, and well -being of the people who observed. On this importanat Arunacahal Pradesh’s festival, a special prayer structure called yugang is made of bamboo. With the bamboo, sacrificial animals are tethered. It's the priest who decides the number and kinds of animals for sacrifice, or any other offering to be made. You will not find any idol in the Puja.

Nyokum Yullo Festival

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