Mopin Festival Arunachal Pradesh

The festivals in Arunachal Pradesh have the potential to absolutely dazzle you by their dance, folk songs and local brews and in Mopin you will find just that. A popular agricultural festival celebrated by the Galo tribe is Mopin festival. As a matter of fact, during this festival you can see the locals smearing rice powder in each other’s faces; this marks the start of the festival. This is an important festival of Galo Adi tribe and it is celebrated during the month of April. You can notice the women present their slow and graceful dance all dressed in white.

It is said that this festival is celebrated in order to drive away the evil spirits; the Galo tribe actively participate in this auspicious celebration. In order to please or place an offering to God an animal is sacrificed, in this case Mithun is considered very auspicious animal. This must see festival of Arunachal Pradesh is a five day long affair and they chant folk songs along with an elegant dance known as Popir. The people can also enjoy locally brewed rice beer called Apong by Galo tribe.

Mopin Festival

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