Longte Yullo Festival Arunachal Pradesh

Longte Yullo is one of the oldest festivals of the Nyishis tribe in Arunachal Pradesh. This must see festival has a unique feature and that is, Longte Yullo has neither ritual sacrificing nor any ritual chanting. Ultimately, this makes the celebration a different and interesting festival amongst other harvest festivals of Arunachal Pradesh. However, the altar is neatly garland with decorative white feather of domestic fowl and bamboo decorated flowers to mark the occasion. This festival is celebrated by the Dodum clans of the Niyshis including Koloriang, Chayang Tajo, Huri, Damin, Sarli, Parsiparlo etc. Longte-Yullo is celebrated with traditional gaiety and devoutness on the onset of spring season in the month of April.

Longte Yullo Festival

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