Best Time to Visit Tezu

Tezu should be ideally visited during summer months (April to July). But September or October is also a good time as during this period, the temperature is moderate and the sky is clear for the perfect views and photography opportunity.

Summers :

In summer time, which is between April and June, Tezu becomes quite warm. The average temperature ranges between 10 and 33 Degree Celsius making it a great time to be visited by the tourists.

Monsoon :

The monsoon period is pleasant also which average temperature between 7 and 17 Degree Celsius. However, reaching Tezu via Assam can get little difficult because of the flood-like condition in this neighbouring state.

Winters :

Winter period between December and February is quite appropriate to plan a holiday in Tezu. Where on the one side the temperature dips till -6 Degree Celsius (sometimes), the day time can be as warm as 32 Degree Celsius.

Tezu, Arunachal Pradesh

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