Explore the Enchanting Destinations of Horsley Hills

Explore the Enchanting Destinations of Horsley Hills
Last Updated: July 25, 2018

Go up the Hills of Horsley and you’ll find something ineffable, it is such a place where feelings take over thoughts while you adore the simplicity of this place. At this stunning tourist destination in Andhra, every season is something, ahh! That earthy smell after rain followed by iridescent drops dripping from the tinned roofs or wooden benches is pleasures people like me enjoy. But it is during the summer in the plains that this hill station becomes the favourite place for tourists. Although the resorts in Horsley are the prime focus that draws the tourists to spend a soothing vacay, the eye-rubbing sights will also make you keep your camera handy to capture the perfect moments. For solo travellers, it must be a task to get your picture with the background but thanks to the selfie sticks, they make the picture a notch better than the ones taken by stretched arm. So come, let us read more about this beautiful destination of Horsley through this travel guide.

Try Not to Miss Out on these Places Horsley Hills’ is Famous for:

The Viewpoints: Because they are the places we love to do visit on a Hill Station

Whisper Winds Viewpoint

‘Two is Better than One,’ thanks ‘Boys Like Girls’ for the amazing song that it’s hooked on me so much I had to type it down on my blog, after all, we’re never satisfied with just one, *wink* *wink.* This is a favourite spot amongst many to completely surrender yourself to the enthralling beauty of the plains below, here the two viewpoints create a perfect place to sing a song and romance with the wind. The two viewpoints are located near each other with just a walkable distance from the bus stand in Horsley, amongst the two, the western viewpoint offers a great view of the surrounding forests and valleys. It has a small hut like structure that works like a sunshade so that you get an uninterrupted view. The other is named the Whisper Winds Viewpoint located behind Governor’s Bungalow. It also has a sunshade but the favourite attraction here is the giant rock that people climb on to, to take heroic pose pictures.

Horsley Hills Zoo: The animals too deserve a visit, after all, they enjoy our company

Horsley Hills Zoo

To be honest, zoos are not the kind of place for adults to visit especially on their honeymoon but if you love animals and nature, just get on with the idea, after all, even the animals love your company. The Horsley Hills Zoo is undoubtedly a great place to visit especially with kids because this is one of the favourite places all kids enjoy. Perhaps, you can get a bit of education reading about the animals, written on the tiny boards outside their cages. The zoo is covered in thick foliage, and it houses a small group of animals like reptiles, avarians and primates. For preschoolers and even toddlers, this can be a starting stage to appreciate wildlife and start building relationships with the animals. The zoo also has the oldest Eucalyptus Tree planted by W.D. Horsley himself and a Tribal Museum which is a worthy sight to see.

  • Timings: Timings: 10:00 to 17:00

Freakouts Adventure Zone: At times, a little rush is needed from resting and sightseeing

Helluva Adventure Horsley Hills


One helluva adventure in Horsley Hills is only experienced when you visit the Freakouts. Such tourist attraction coexists in the hill town where you can pretend to be a spiderman in a spider web activity and strengthen your leg and arm muscles in rappelling activity. This adventure complex has so much fun-filled sports you’d want to experience them all. So let me take you on a guided tour of every sport you can get your hands on. The first step before you rock climb an actual mountain, maybe you can try climbing a wall in the Freakouts. Apart from climbing a wall, you can fly like a bird by sliding down the high rope course in Earthquake and of course Zip line through the forested walls on both sides. At Horsley Hills adventure zone, you can also motor around in an All-Terrain Vehicle and fight over gravity in a High Rope Course activity. Phew! Let’s just end it this way, you and your kids will have an awesome day out with food, fun, adventure sports and lots of laughter.

Old Enugu Mallamma Temple: Seek a holistic experience atop a Hill

Old Enugu Mallamma Temple An incredible attraction in Horsley, Mallamma Temple is one of the ancient temples dedicated to Goddess Mallamma. It is an important tourist place for the Hindu pilgrims, most of the domestic tourists who visit Horsley Hills make sure to at least visit the temple once. There are many legends associated with Old Enugu Mallamma Temple and one which runs in every household narrating to the kids during bedtime is that, elephants took care of the little girl who had healing powers and healed the tribal people. Thus to honour her selfless dedication to all mankind, the villagers built her a temple. It is also said that this temple was actually known as Mallamma Konda, Konda means a ‘hill’ in Telugu.

Things You Should Experience While Exploring The Town of Horsley Hills:

Go on an Adventure Camp and sleep underneath start-lit sky

Trekking in Horsley Hills Being a hill destination, of course, you can expect outdoor adventure activities like camping and trekking in Horsley Hills. The place being a reputed trekking destination, you’ll see many youngsters all geared up to visit this town. You can check with your resort or hotels for additional activities else you can plan a trekking expedition or something else yourself.

Pamper your body by indulging in a detoxifying Ayurvedic massage

Tiny Fish Massage Horsley Hills

Tourists wouldn’t mind spending hours taking an Ayurvedic massage because after all, we all need some me time to connect with our inner self, if not meditation, an authentic Kerala message can be the right thing. In Horsley Hills, there is an Ayurvedic Massage Centre that is located next to a swimming pool and indulging in their best spa facility is the favourite thing to do when your body weakens after lots of walking and entertaining with other activities. You can indulge in a relaxing massage that pampers your overall body, scalp and shoulder massages, there is even a steam bath facility. Dr Fish Spa next door is also one of the added features where the tiny fishes feed off the outer dry skin of your feet and put you in a complete relaxing mode.

Paint a permanent picture in your mind seeing the beautiful sunrise and sunset

Sunset in Horsley Hills

While holidaying in Horsley, you have to witness the sunset, it is one of the best in India as I’ve been told by many travellers who have visited Horsley. Such brilliant sights are hard to find in the cities so why not make the most of it while in a hill paradise. Although the entire town offers a visual treat to the eyes as mentioned above, the viewpoints are an ideal attraction to romance with the fine cool breeze, the orange sun and pink sky.

Appreciating the beauty, CHECK, now let me resolve the most important question, ‘Where to Stay in Horsley Hills?’

Holiday Home Castle Wind Horsley Hills

The accommodation options are endless from economic to lavish, there are many resorts in Horsley Hills that offer everything a guest requires basing on their taste. For instance, Holiday Homes Resort and Castle Wind is an ideal place followed by Haritha Hill Resort. But if you seek for something country style and elegant, checkout the Governor’s Bungalow.

Okay, we are through the accommodation list, now let me handle the other query, ‘How to Reach Horsley Hills?’

Andhra Pradesh State Transport Buses There are three main means to reach Horsley Hills and roadways is the most convenient way, unless you jump from a chopper and land on your heels, ouch! That must hurt. Via Bengaluru, you get taxis that can drop you at your resort in Horsley. If you plan on travelling by bus from Bengaluru, your final stop will be at Madanapalle, its 27 kilometres from here to the hill via local cabs. Andhra Pradesh State Transport buses also run on a regular basis from Madanapalle and Tirupati.

  • Closest Airport: Bangalore International Airport (140 kilometres) and Tirupati Airport (144 kilometres)
  • Closest Railway: Madanapalle Road (26 kilometres) and Tirupati Railway Station (128 kilometres)

Horsley Hills

Now that you got yourself a complete travel guide to Horsley Hills, what are your plans? I’m almost packed (at least in my head), all set for an adventurous journey to this land where I can meet nature, good people and inner-self by pampering my body on an Ayurvedic massage of course. So get on with the travel plan which I’m sure brought you here to collect information to explore this charming hill station in Andhra Pradesh. Need help? Give us a call @ (+91-9212553106 / 07) or send us an email at ( and we will get back you asap with best tour packages. And lastly, if you enjoyed reading this travel guide and found it useful in any way, please share and like us.

Published: 29 Mar, 2018
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