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Sulphurous Hot Springs Legship

Popularly called as ‘Phu Cha Chu’ by the natives, Sulphurous Hot Spring is one of the most famous tourist destinations visited for its curative medicinal properties. Its amazingly beautiful location, amidst the thick green forest, overlooking the serene Rangit River reawakens one’s mind, body and soul. The sulphurous water of the spring is beautifully stacked by the natural arrangement of the small rugged rocks, making an organic pool by itself. Its being close to the sacrosanct caverns: Khandosangphu and Sharchog Begphu that adds to the phenomenality of this hot spring. These caves have gained popularity because of the believe that during the 7th century the great Buddhist saint, Saint Padmasambhava took a refuge there to meditate.

What To Do And See

In front of this therapeutic Hot Spring, there are sacred caves of Lho Khando Sang Pho that the tourists would definitely like to visit. Then for the spiritual awakening Kirateshwar Mahadev Temple is just abound 3 kms away through the foot suspension bridge above the banks of the enthralling Rangit River Bank. The Rangit Water World developed on the reservoir of its dam provides variety of recreational activities like angling, swimming and river rafting for the adventurists.

Best Time To Visit :

The best time to visit the Sulphurous Hot Spring is during summer (March - May), when the weather is pleasant and temperature is apt to take an open bath.

Sulphurous Hot Springs Legship, Sikkim
Getting there :

To reach the Sulphurous Hot Spring situated at legship, one can take a shared taxi / SSRTC bus from Gangtok (95 km). Private taxis are also available from Gangtok, Siliguri and other cities.

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