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Rangit River Dam Legship

Rangit Dam is a Hydroelectric Power Project located in River Ranjit, the major tributary of River Teesta. The reason why this attraction appeals many spectators is because the location of the dam makes the region look like a high altitude lake. Furthermore, the two cliffs that slides from each side of the lake helps it appear to look like a natural lake. This is a must visit tourist destination mainly for families because it offers many recreational activities for the visitors, in fact, this dam has been named 'Rangit Water World.' This venue creates a perfect tourist place for some fun things to do like fishing, boating and rafting. You can also get together for a picnic alongside the lake, as the place is quite scenic and has a backdrop of gardens and mountains. Rangit River Dam is an ideal getaway destination for a day's excursion away from the city life.

Things to do and see

It makes a great place for recreational activities such as picnics, boating, fishing and rafting.

Best Time To Visit :

The best time to visit Rangit River Dam is from late February to March. Light showers may be expected between April and May. These months experiences comfortable weather making it convenient to sightsee and partake in activities near the dam.

Rangit River Dam Legship, Sikkim
Getting there :

Rangit River Dam is located near the confluence of Rathong Chu and Rangit River near the Legship. It beautifully sits on the borders of Sikkim and West Bengal, the dam is 130 kms from Siliguri and 70 kms from Gangtok.

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