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Rong Lungten Lee Mangan

Closely resembling the Lepcha traditional house, the Rong Lungten Lee is located in a charming destination, Namprikdang. Sited at the confluence of two rivers, Kanaka and Teesta, Namprikdang is known for its calm environment, varied flora and fauna as well as the popular sikkim annual festival Namsoong. Here, the Rong Lungten Lee is widely visited by tourists because of its beautiful Sikkim heritage significance.If you enjoy taking a walk in the past, Rong Lungten Lee is a great place to be as it displays some ancient artifacts of the Lepcha tribe. There are three rooms in Rong Lungteen and each of these rooms houses items from the past, the Phodong which means the attic is used for storing valuable and antique items.

Getting There

Rong Lungten Lee is located 8 kilometres from the main town of Mangan. To get here you can avail taxis from Mangan.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit this attraction is during the months of March to June, when the weather remains pleasantly warm.

Rong Lungten Lee Mangan, Sikkim
Things to Do & See in and around

This heritage abode has an old world charm. It stores many artifacts around its premises that can be witnessed and can be admired.

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