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Zoological Park Dimapur

Zoological Park or Nagaland Zoological Park is located in the Dimapur district of Nagaland and is 6 km away from the township. The park is situated in an area of 176 ha with rolling plateau and low lying areas suitable for aquatic birds. The park was inaugurated in the year 2008 and the mission of the park is to develop and inculcate a sense of caring towards the flora and fauna of the region. It also wants to serve as a conservation centre for the fauna of the North East in general and Nagaland in particular. The park’s authorities promote awareness, educate and provide recreation for the people of the state. It also wants to promote awareness and education among the people of Nagaland. A minor entry fee is required to enter the park which is different for adults and children.

Popular things to do & see in and around

A varied species of flora and fauna is the major tourist attraction of the place and if you are travelling with family and kids, this spot can be the best part of your trip. Apart from that, you have the Triple Falls, Naga Shopping Arcade, Nagaland Science Centre, Chumukedima village, Rangapahar Reserve Forest, Shiva temple and many more places to visit near this attraction.

Getting There 

Reaching your destination is easy with buses and auto rickshaws that are available throughout the day from Dimapur city centre. You can hire a taxi to reach this park. Zoo remains open from 8 am to 4 pm on all weekdays except Monday. The entrance fees for adults is Rs 10/- and for children is Rs 5/-. Carrying still camera would be charged Rs 25/- and for carrying video camera you would be charge Rs. 100/-.

Best Time to Visit

Nagaland has a very perfect weather from October to March so you can visit this zoological park during that time. The weather is pleasant with cool breeze flowing making it suitable for a trip in the park.

Zoological Park in Dimapur

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