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Best Time to Visit Mon Nagaland

Mon is an ideal holiday destination if you wish to witness and wander amidst the historical relics, grassy meadows and unique lifestyle. The District has a fairly moderate climate and the ideal time to visit Mon is during November to April. However, for a clearer understanding, we have laid below more details of the temperature and best time to travel.

Summer (March to April)

Summers are pleasantly warm in Mon, Nagaland. During this season, people celebrate partaking in cooling activities like going for picnics and sites to entertain one self. Besides, it is a good time to visit for those who are on a budget travelling spree.

Monsoon (May to September)

Mon is best avoided during this season as there are chances of landslides, and the weather gets very unpredictable. But for all those who wish to escape from monotonous seasons, you can of course plunge in a pool of freshness during monsoon.

Winter (November to February)

Winter happens for the longest time in Nagaland and it is the best time to go for a tour in Mon as the weather is mild and you will have sufficient time to explore its sightseeing places. You can endlessly take up a hiking expedition, go visit villages to villages and witness their natural heritage sites. Since it will be an ideal season, it would be a good idea to get the hotel's bookings done in advance.

Best Time to Visit Mon, Nagaland

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