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Local Market Mon

Local market is a market which is conducted every day in the Mon district of Nagaland. The district of Mon is full of captivating Konyak Nagas and they have their very own distinct culture which is an attraction in itself. Mon is located in the north-eastern part of Nagaland and their local market is the prime transaction zone that caters to the earning and livelihood of the residents in this specific region of Nagaland. The Nagas visit the market to sell their agricultural produce along with dead, dry rats which the Konyak Nagas eat. The market is also popular for the people and their appearance that includes blackened teeth, tattooed faces and unique dressing. You will find many things in the market which will be totally new to you and as a visitor the market is full of amusements with all sorts of Naga products as well as other common products used for daily needs. It is a popular tourist attraction in Nagaland who love shopping and prefer to carry back home local souvenirs.

Popular things to do & see in and around

Apart from buying and having a comprehensive glance on all the materials traded at this local market, you can visit many other places nearby like Shangnyu village, which is ruled by the Chief Angh and is home to a wonderful wooden monument that is as high as 8 feet and 12 feet in breadth. You can also see the memorial stones at Angh's Palace. Mon Village is best known for their tattooed Konyaks locals. Another nearby attraction is Chui village reflecting Konyak tradition and homes with palm leaves roofing. If you are on a weekend trip, consider an excursion to Longwa (45 km/9hrs) that stands on the international boundary line with Myanmar. With private cars as your conveyance you can catch up many more interesting villages nearby like Tuensang, Mokokchung, Touphema, Lothas tribal village and so on.

Getting There 

Mon Nagaland Tourism has a very well maintained transportation system. You can avail Nagaland State Transport Corporation buses from Kohima and Dimapur to reach Mon Nagaland and take private cabs and get to the local market.

Local Market, Mon

Best Time to Visit

The place has a pleasant climate throughout the year but it is advisable to visit the state in months of October to March when it is winter season and the weather is extremely perfect and amazing. Rest of the year it is mildly hot and during the monsoon it rains heavily.

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