Top Tourist Attractions in Nagpur

Nagpur, a place with affluent tourism places is visited round the year. Not for only the Nagpur orange, but the whole Vidarbha region is famous for too many reasons. Nagpur has many prominent places that add to the importance of the city. The city is also the gateway to many wildlife reserves in Maharashtra like Tadoba and Umred Karhandla.

One of the major attractions in Nagpur is Ramtek, which is a small and beautiful town located on the Ramgiri hills. It is also a place of historic importance as the renowned sage Kalidasa wrote his famous epic Meghdootam in Ramtek. It is located on the hill which is said to be the abode of lord Rama. There are also Ramsagar Lake and Khindsi Lake which are near to this place. Adasa is a small place in Nagpur. It has religious importance owing to the presence of Ganesh Temple. The temple also has an idol of Lord Shiva, which is carved out of one stone. Deekshabhoomi is another religious place that makes an important attraction in Nagpur City.

There are a number of lakes in Nagpur which adds to its scenic beauty. The various lakes are the Ramsagar Lake, the Futala Lake, and the Shukrawari Lake etc. The Futala Lake was built during the Bhonsle dynasty and is often associated with having an artificial fountain. It is a very distinguished place to visit during the evening. The Shukrawari Lake is located near the Raman Science Centre. It is a distinguished area where water reservoir is created for the city draining into the Nag River.

Another important must see places of Nagpur are its forts and temples. The Balaji Temple, the Mahalaxmi Devasthan, the Maa Umiya Dham Temple, the Dragon Palace temple and BAPS Swaminarayana Temple are to name a few. These are some of the important holiday places to visit in Nagpur. Apart from it, the city provides one with certain amazing adventures.

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