Best Time to Visit Nashik

Nashik can be visited during any time of the year but the winter season is deemed to be the best. The months of October to February mark the winter season in this city. Irrespective of the weather, the city is filled with pilgrims from all over India and abroad during the Kumbha mela, which occurs once in every twelve years.


Summers in Nashik can get really hot and humid. It is not that ideal to visit Nashik during this time because the fun quotient in traveling will be lost due to the sultry weather. The months of March, April and May mark the summer season and temperatures can get as high as 410C.


Monsoon in Nashik is during the months of June to September. This period experiences moderate to high rainfall. Monsoons can sometimes be accompanied by floods. Nashik is enshrouded in lush greenery during this season and the city gets transformed into a beautiful landscape. However, it is not advisable to visit the city during monsoons.


Winter is the most suitable time of the year to go to Nashik. With the temperature ranging from 120C-320C, the stay in Nashik would be extremely comfortable, enjoyable, satisfactory and fruitful.

Best Time to Visit Nashik

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