Best Time to Visit Nagpur

Nagpur is such a place in Maharashtra which has a dry or mostly a semi- humid climate. The important centers of visit, such as the Science centre, the Sitabuldi Fort, The Balaji Temple etc. So some areas being located at the higher altitude is cooler, but places on lower altitude suffer from intense problems. Hence the best time to visit Nagpur is winter when the temperature ranges from 10 degree to 15 degrees, making it pleasant for travellers to go out in the sun and open areas for sightseeing.

Summer: (March to June)

during summer, the temperature remains relatively hot and high. The temperature rises up to 49 degrees. It is even humid creating sweaty feeling all day long. This hot weather is therefore makes tour very painful.

Monsoon: (July to September)

during the monsoon season the city of Nagpur or the Chota Nagpur region receives heavy rainfall. The marshy and swampy area creates a kind of discomfort. Although the temperature goes down relatively down, yet outdoor activities of touring and sports is quite difficult then.

Winter: (October to February)

the best time to visit Nagpur ranges from October to January end or mid February. The temperature ranges from 10 degree to 15 degrees, making it pleasant to visit. The perfect view of nature gets parallel with the touring sights in this season only.

Best Time To Visit Nagpur

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