Yuru Kabgyat Festival

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About Yuru Kabgyat Festival of Ladakh

Celebrated in the famous Lamayuru Monastery, Yuru Kabgyat is one of the major festivals to see in Ladakh. This two-day festival is held in the month of June/July and is attended by a large number of Buddhist devotees not only from India but by Buddhist monks from China, Japan, Korea, and Bhutan as well.

The religious festival is dedicated to Yama, the god of death and Guru Padmasambhav, considered the second Buddha and a protector of the creatures and stallions. The major attraction of Yuru Kabgyat is the traditional Cham Dance that is performed on the beats of drums, cymbals, and tunes of long traditional pipes.

Festival Dates/Months : June/July

Highlights of Yuru Kabgyat Festival :

  • Cham Dance
  • Congregation of Buddhist monks from Bhutan, China, Japan, Korea

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.When is Yuru Kabgyat celebrated?

Yuru Kabgyat is celebrated in the month of June/July every year.

Q. Where is Yuru Kabgyat held?

Yuru Kabgyat Festival is held at the popular Lamayuru Monastery near Leh.

Q. What is the major attraction of Yuru Kabgyat Festival?

In the Yuru Kabgyat Festival, the participation of Buddhist monks from varied countries and the Cham Dance are the major attractions.

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