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About Tso Kar Lake Ladakh

Tso Kar Lake is not as famous as the other lakes in Ladakh, Pangong & Tso Moriri. But, this is exactly why you should visit it, for that untouched feel, or having arrived at a place where no one has been before. The lake, located in close proximity to Leh-Manali Highway, offers great views, lovely opportunities for photography and a great place to just sit & revel in the surroundings.

Some facts about the Tso Kar Lake

Hemis Monastery

The Tso Kar is also known as the “White Lake” because its shores are marked with white salt of the water deposits. Seen from a distance, it gives the impression of being an entirely “white lake.” It is located in the Rupshu Valley, about 250 kilometers from Leh, at an altitude of 1,580 feet in the Changthang region of Southeastern Ladakh. Tso Moriri is located about 50 kilometers from this lake.

Attractions at Tso Kar Lake


Appreciate the beauty that greets you, take as many photographs as you want and relax by the banks of the lake. For bird watchers, it’s a great opportunity to spot a variety of birds, as the lake is surrounded by marshlands which host different types of birds. Some of these are Brahmi Ducks, bar-headed geese and great crested grebe.

The most commonly spotted birds at the lake though, are the blacked necked cranes, which visit the lake to lay eggs. Mammals like Kianga, the largest of the wild asses, can also be spotted. The area surrounding the lake is also home to ibex, snow leopards and snow foxes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the best time to visit Tso Kar Lake?

April to October is the best time to visit the Tso Kar Lake.

Q. Are there accommodation options at the lake?

There are a few tents near the lake in which you can spend the night, although the size of the tents isn’t very large. The tents are located on the west end of the lake close to Leh-Manali road, about three kilometers from the lake.

Q. Are there any eateries or food stalls nearby?

It is better to carry your own food when you visit the lake.

Q. How to reach Tso Kar Lake?

Tso Kar Lake is located about 160 kilometers from Leh, and the best way to reach it is to hire a taxi from Leh.

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