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About Sindhu Darshan Festival of Ladakh

Celebrating River Indus that runs across Ladakh, Sindhu Darshan Festival is definitely a must-see festival in Ladakh. Held at Shey Manla, some odd 8 km from Leh, this major festival in Ladakh is a three-day event that begins on the day of Guru Purnima. The major reason for the celebration of Sindhu Darshan Festival is to endorse the Indus River as an icon of the communal harmony and unity of India.

The festival was celebrated in 1997 first, but from the year 2000, it has become a grand affair. During this festival in Ladakh, participants from across India bring water in an earthern pot from the river of their own state and pour it into the Indus River. On the first day of the festival, a reception ceremony for all the participants of different religions is conducted. Prayers are offered by 50 Lamas/monks on the bank of Indus River and a number of cultural programs along with a sightseeing tour are also organized. On the second day also, cultural programmes, sightseeing trip and a puja is organized.

Festival Dates/Months : June

Highlights of Sindhu Darshan Festival :

  • Bringing of water of different rivers in India to pour into Indus
  • Cultural programmes
  • Prayers offered by 50 monks on the bank of Indus River
  • Sightseeing tour

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When is Sindhu Darshan Festival celebrated?

Sindhu Darshan Festival is celebrated in the month of June.

Q. Where is Sindhu Darshan Festival held?

Sindhu Darshan Festival is held at Shey, which is at a distance of 8 km from Leh.

Q. What is the major attraction of Sindhu Darshan Festival?

In the Sindhu Darshan Festival, participants from across India bring water in an earthen pot from the river of their state to pour into the Indus River.

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