Matho Nagrang Festival

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About Matho Nagrang Festival of Ladakh

Celebrated in the winter season, Matho Nagrang is held in one of the offbeat monasteries in Ladakh, Matho Monastery. This two-day festival is popular amongst the locals due to the event of prophesy by two oracles. Matho Nagrang takes place on the 15th day of the first month of Tibetan Calendar which is the month of February/March according to the Gregorian Calendar.

One of the attractions of Matho Nagrang is the performance of Cham Dance (Mask Dance) done on the beats of traditional music instruments. However, the major attraction remains the oracles who after two months of meditation in complete isolation make their first public appearance and predict the happenings in the future. The locals consult them for advice regarding varied problems.

Festival Dates/Months : February/March

Highlights of Matho Nagrang Festival :

  • Oracles and their predictions of the future
  • Cham Dance

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When is Matho Nagrang Festival celebrated?

Matho Nagrang Festival is celebrated in the month of February/March every year.

Q. Where is Matho Nagrang Festival held?

Matho Nagrang Festival is held at the lesser-known Matho Monastery near Leh.

Q. What is the major attraction of Matho Nagrang Festival?

In the Matho Nagrang Festival, the future predictions made by two oracles is the major attraction.

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