Yargon Tungshak Festival

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About Yargon Tungshak Festival of Ladakh

Celebrated with a lot of pomp and show, Yargon Tungshak Festival is one of the top festivals in Nubra Valley. This two-day festival is held in the month of February, and thus it is a winter festival in Ladakh.

The main attraction of Yargon Tungshak is the performance of the traditional Cham Dance or Mask Dance. A large crowd gathers at the monasteries in Nubra to witness this must-see special performance done on the beats of drums and other traditional music instruments. Feast is prepared and a variety of traditional dishes of Ladakh like skyu and thukpa are savoured during the celebrations. The otherwise quiet Nubra Valley, indeed comes to life during this festival in Ladakh.

Festival Dates/Months : February

Highlights of Yargon Tungshak Festival :

  • Cham Dance
  • Traditional Dishes

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