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About Losar Festival of Ladakh

Marking the beginning of the Tibetan new year, Losar is an important festival of Ladakh. The celebrations of Losar in Ladakh continue for 15 long days and this Buddhist festival falls about the time of the winter solstice any time between 8th and 30th December.

On this one of the top festivals in Ladakh, the scale of the celebration is large with a number of folk dance and music performances and gathering of hundreds of people at sacred places. Special ceremonies are also held in different monasteries of Ladakh on Losar and the ambiance is quite delightful.

Houses are cleaned before the festivity begins and various food preparations are done that are then shared with loved ones during the festival days. Offerings are made to Buddhist gods and goddesses both at home and at the monasteries in Losar. A procession called Metho on the eve of Losar is carried out through the streets, markets, and lanes where people chant sacred slogans and carry flaming torches believing that the chant and the fire will ward off all the evil spirits.

Festival Dates/Months : Anytime between 8th and 30th December

Highlights of Losar in Ladakh :

  • Folk dance & music performances
  • Metho or evening procession
  • Special prayers in the monasteries
  • Gifts exchange
  • A variety of special dishes

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When is Losar celebrated?

Losar is celebrated in the month of December every year.

Q. Where is Losar held?

Losar is celebrated across Ladakh and in all its monasteries.

Q. What is the major attraction of Losar?

In Losar, folk dance & music performances, Metho or evening procession and a variety of special dishes are the major attractions.

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