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Thiruvilwamala Village Kerala

There are numerous reasons to visit this elegant hill village, located in the Talappilly Taluk area of Thrissur District and the abundant natural beauty is one of them. The place is one of the most spectacular hill villages of Kerala, surrounded by glorious plantation of coconut and banana trees. It has some of the best temples and other pilgrimage spots, that give tourists a better opportunity to explore the ancient beauty of Thiruvilwamala. People from every corner of the city visit this amazing village to capture the beauty of ancient temples and caves and to enjoy the pleasurable surroundings of this hilly town.


Surrounded by beautiful flora, Thiruvilwamala village offers a great experience to the people, in search of peace and tranquility. It is a popular pilgrim center as well as a tourist destination, which attracts numerous pilgrims every year. The ancient Shree Rama Temple and the Punarjani Caves are the major attractions here. The temple is among the rare Sri Rama temples in Kerala and is called 'Vilwadrinathan,' because the hills where it is located are called 'Vilwamala.'

The main temple houses two small temples, dedicated to Lord Rama and Lord Lakshmana respectively. The idol of Lord Rama is in the form of Lord Vishnu with four arms holding conch, wheel, and lotus flower. The other main deities here are Lord Mahaganapathy, Lord Veera Hanuman, Lord Ayyappa, Lord Shiva, and Goddess Parvathi. With Barathapuzha River flowing nearby and the Peepul trees spread all over, the temple premises looks nothing but serene and blissful.

Other Facts

Thiruvilwamala is a birth place of many artists including the noted writer V.K.N (Vadakke Koottala Narayan Kutty Nair), and Sarvasri Venkichan Swami, who modified the percussion instrument. It is also a famous destination for handloom cloths, that are made in nearby villages.

  • Thiruvilwamala Village Thrissur, Kerala
  • Thiruvilwamala Village, Thrissur
  • Thiruvilwamala Village
  • Thiruvilwamala Village, Kerala

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