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Poonkunnam Shiva Temple Kerala

Located in the Thrissur district of Kerala, the Poonkunnam Shiva Temple, which is a 1000 year old building, reflects the Kerala style of architecture, unique in its own way. This beautiful temple showcases the glorious cultural heritage of Kerala, with an idol of Shiva, the presiding deity of the city. Thrissur holds an important place in the history of Kerala and it owes its name to Lord Shiva. A number of dynasties, which had ruled Kerala before, had their capital in Thrissur. This is the reason, why it has so many imposing temples like Poonkunnam Shiva Temple.


With the main deity positioned in the central area of the temple, the Poonkunnam Shiva Temple offer tourists a glimpse of other deities like Parvathy, Ganapathy, Sastha, Nagaraja, and Partha Sarathi (Lord Krishna as Charioteer to Arjuna). Its exquisite surroundings and conventional design, makes it one of the popular attractions in Thrissur, visited by more than one millions of tourist every year.

A large number of pilgrims visit this temple during the Sabarimala season, when the food is served free of cost and the temple area is decorated in a grand style.

  • Poonkunnam Shiva Temple Thrissur, Kerala
  • Poonkunnam Shiva Temple
  • Poonkunnam Shiva Temple, Thrissur
  • Poonkunnam Shiva Temple, Kerala

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