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Mammiyoor Temple Kerala

Everyone who visits the Guruvayur temple, makes sure that they visit Mammiyoor Mahadeva Kshetram, a Shiva temple known for its beautiful paintings on the walls and the exquisite sculptures. The devotees believe that their spiritual journey is incomplete if they don't visit Mammiyoor Temple, immediately after visiting the Guruvayur temple, which is one of the most popular Shree Krishna Temple in Kerala. The Mammiyoor temple also has shrines of Lord Mahavishnu, Ganapathi, Muruga, Darma Sastha, and Brahmmarakshas, Serpent Gods, and Mother Bhagavati Amman.


Regarding the history of this temple, well, it is believed that Sri Krishna established a big temple at Dwaraka and installed this idol there. But, later Udhava and Brihaspathi, the Guru of the Devas and the wind god, installed this idol at a sacred place in Guruvayur, on the instructions of Lord Krishna. At the time of installation Lord Shiva and his wife Parvathy were present to witness the auspicious ceremony and Mammiyoor is the same place where Shiva was standing. Since then this place is considered holy and a temple was constructed in the name of Shiva.


The Mammiyoor Temple is a part of other 108 renowned Shiva temples in Kerala, that are considered to be the five faces of Shiva. This popular temple features Lord Shiva with his whole family that includes Goddess Parvathy, Lord Ganesha, and Lord Murugan. The idol of Bhagavathi as Parvathy has been installed behind the idol of Lord Shiva. The temple celebrates two important festivals, namely Shivratri and Thiruvathira with a great zeal and excitement and perform special Pooja and offers Prashadam to the visitors. Other festivals that are celebrated here are Navarathri, Manadala Pooja, Vinayaka Chathurthy, Shasthi, Ashtami Rohini, and Vishu.

  • Mammiyoor Temple Thrissur, Kerala
  • Mammiyoor Temple, Thrissur
  • Mammiyoor Temple
  • Mammiyoor Temple Kerala

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