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Muniyara Dolmens Kerala

The Muniyara Dolmens are magnificent prehistoric dolmens, situated in Marayoor, approximately 55 kms from Munnar. Belongs to the Neolithic Age, these aboveground burial chambers are built with large stone slabs and are called 'megaliths.' The historians keep special interest in these granite slabs as they are more than thousand years old. A lot of anthropologists and archaeologists from all over the world visit this fascinating destination to explore the remnants of Dolmenoid cists belonging to the Megalithic age.


The tourists trek through the area of Muniyara to reach 15 different types of Dolmens, which belongs to the Neolithic Age, i.e. between 3000 BC and 14000 BC. Some of the dolmens here even belong to the Iron Age, which is proven by the smoothed rocky stone slabs that can only be done with iron tools. These aboveground structures are very unique as they are made of stones that are vertically laid on the ground and covered with one single stone on the top.

A lot has been said about Muniyara Dolmens…some archaeological studies reveal that the ancient stone structure, that were built over the burial site of more than one person have chambers, and, so, they vary in length and size. Studies also say that the dolmens that are large in size must have been used for the people of high status.


Dolmenoids are actually the burial chambers made of four stones placed on edges and covered by a large stone slab, also known as 'cap stone' from the top. Several sharp edge stones are used in these to cover the burial from all the sides. These burials often contain more than one chamber to rest the bodies of multiple persons at one place. These prehistoric structures are bound to fascinate every visitor, who wants to peep into the century-old history.

Well, Dolmens are not the only thing that one can see here; the place is equally famous for its exquisite beauty, natural sandalwood forests, and pre-historic paintings. Muniyara is a beautiful spot that lies on the slopes of the Western Ghats in Idukki district. People visit this place to explore its beautiful surroundings and refreshing atmosphere, masked in the glory of tea plantation, lush green valleys, and more.

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