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Lakkam Waterfall Kerala

This beautiful waterfall is located on the way to Marayoor from Munnar and is set amidst dense flora and rolling hills, which add to its bewitching beauty. The serene setting combined with rich plantation, makes Lakkam Waterfall one of the most beautiful destinations for lovers, who want to ensure a memorable trip to Munnar, Kerala. The waterfall is equally popular for trekkers as they get immense opportunities to explore the dense jungle & rolling hills, surrounding the place.


The Lakkam Waterfall cascades down from the rocky cliffs of the splendid Eravikulam Plateau (7300 feet above the sea level) and provide plenty of opportunities to take amazing pictures. It offers an experience that is both, authentic as well a unique and make your trip to Munnar exciting with a lot of options to explore surrounding areas & cuisines. The Lakkam Waterfall is situated in Lakkam, nearby Vagavurai Estate, on the way to Marayoor from Munnar.

The adjoining Vagavurai Valley is another beautiful place, surrounding the waterfall. The place is named Vagavurai due to the abundance of 'Vaga' trees that are in full bloom during the winters post monsoon. During the monsoon, even the stream creates a lot of cascades, making the surroundings a visual treat for the tourists.

  • Lakkam Waterfall, Munnar
  • Lakkam Waterfall Munnar
  • Lakkam Waterfall Munnar, Kerala
  • Lakkam Waterfall Marayoor, Kerala

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