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Thoovanam Falls Kerala

Thoovanam Waterfall is located within the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary and it originates from the Pambar River, which is surrounded by abundant natural beauty. This magnificent fall cascades from a height of 1400 feet and fascinates many nature lovers and trekkers, who visit this place to see wild animals and a variety of flora. The view of this waterfall is so stunning that many tourists prefer to sit here doing nothing but gazing at the natural beauty and enjoying the serenity of the place. The waterfall is situated approximately 60 km away from the Munnar town.


The waterfall cascades here throughout the year, but for the most amazing experience, one should visit this place during monsoon. The captivating surroundings of Thoovanam look even beautiful during monsoon. Many photographers visit this destination for unparalleled photo opportunities that would remind them of their trip to this wonderful place for rest of their life.

There are different types of accommodation, offered nearby Thoovanam waterfalls that provide all basic amenities for a comfortable stay. Here, one can get the accommodation facilities in the form of tree house, jungle cottage, guest house, and camping. Thoovanam waterfall is a part of Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, which allows tourists to catch a glimpse of animals like elephants, langurs, Giant Grizzled Squirrel, and more.

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  • Thoovanam Falls Kerala

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