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Kolukkumalai Tea Estate Kerala

This highest tea estate in the world is definitely a place worth visiting, especially for those who swear by a cup of tea. Located at a height of 7900 ft above sea level, the Kolukkumalai Tea Estate is popular for growing special flavoursome teas, known for its divine freshness and rich taste. A large number of tourists visit this high altitude tea garden to explore the panoramic views of the rolling hills and to experience the freshness of special flavour tea, grown and produced here.


This lush green property is around 31 km from Munnar and takes almost 52 minutes to reach by Jeep. It has an old tea factory, built in the 20th century, that uses traditional methods to produce tea. The tea lovers can sip and buy different varieties of tea, available at the factory outlet nearby the old factory. The technique used in the production of tea involves seven step process, including withering, rolling, sieving, fermenting, drying, fiber extraction, and grading.

Visiting these lush green acres of land is an experience in itself and nothing can be more exciting than taking a lovely stroll on the pathways in the plantation. This place is at its best during the sunset; a lot of visitors stroll this place in evening to behold the spectacular views of Kodaikanal town, which looks extremely beautiful during the evening.

  • Kolukkumalai Tea Estate Munnar
  • Kolukkumalai Tea Estate Kerala
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  • Kolukkumalai Tea Estate, Munnar

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