Yarab Tso Lake Nubra Valley

Tucked away in the Nubra Valley, Yarab Tso is Ladakh’s best kept secret. This pretty lake is situated some 15 kms from Diskit Region and is believed as a sacred place in Ladakh. It is a high altitude lake that is hidden in the Sumur Village and can only be reached by trekking. Though it is possible to reach this holy lake by foot from Panamik Village, tourists are asked not to wash or swim in the water of this lake. Yarab Tso is highly revered by the locals and one can also see the colourful flags fluttering around its crystal clear water.

Getting There

Yarab Tso is trekkable from Panamik Village. A 20-minute walk up the mountain will make one reach the lake. In order to get to Panamik, one has to take a cab.

Things to Do & See in and around

Apart from trekking to this beautiful lake, one can visit by cab to the hot springs at Panamik Village. Also, explore the beauty of Sumur and Diskit Village, Diskit Monastery, Cold Desert at Hunder and Maitreya Buddha in Diskit.

Best Time to Visit

The months from July to September are ideal to visit Yarab Tso. The weather becomes pleasant during these months and the roads are cleared of the snow.

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