Diskit Monastery Nubra Valley

Amidst the stark and barren Nubra valley stands the beautiful and milky white Diskit monastery. The oldest and largest monastery in Nubra, Diskit monastery is located at an altitude of 3142 meters. It is approachable by a Diskit village through a rugged and dusty road that crosses a stream in the middle of the village. In the 14th century, Nubra Valley was founded by Changzem Tserab Zangpo, the disciple of Tsong Khapa. Currently, it belongs to the yellow hat sect of Buddhism, also known as the Gelugpa order. And under the control of the Thiksey monastery and hence, considered a sub-gompa of Thiksey. The monastery is beautiful inside out. Within the Tibetian style Gompa, there are beautiful frescos and gompas. An iconic feature of the monastery is the statue of Cho Rinpoche (Crowned Buddha), which is a part of the prayer hall. Within the prayer hall, there are big drums and various images of the guardian deities. The monastery also runs an NGO by the name of the "Tibet Support Group." Unmissable part of the monastery is the panoramic views of Nubra Valley that one can get to see from the top of the monastery.

Getting There

Most efficient way of reaching Nubra is to take a shared bus or taxi from Leh or Sumur. From Leh, most of the transports depart via the Khardung La pass; another longer and the less used route take the (almost as high) Wari La pass. Once in Nubra, take a taxi to reach the various attractions. Diskit monastery is located at an altitude of 3142 meters so as to reach here tourists can drive or take a walk along the mani walls and chortens.

Things to Do and See in and around

Impressive 106 feet long statue of the Jampa (Maitreya) Buddha facing the Shyok River on top of a hill below the monastery is a must visit.

The impressive gompa of the Hundar village nearby the monastery is a must visit too.Amidst the Chortens, the Diskit Monastery features an impressive statue of Chamba in the main prayer hall. Tourists can also visit the Hundar Village where they can see beautiful settlements.

Best time to visit

July to September will be the best time to plan a visit the Diskit Monastery as this when the roads are clear. Dosmoche festival, held during the month of February, is also a good time to plan visit to the Diskit Monastery.

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