Stongday Monastery Zanskar

Stongday Monastery is the second largest and the oldest monasteries in the Zanskar region. Its beauty captivates the beholder with sprawling whitewashed complex soaring above the Rocky Mountains. This 11th-century old monastery is a must visit attraction located about 20 kilometres away from Padum. It displays several artistic works in the seven temples inside the monastery. Amongst the temples Tshogs-khang is beautifully decorated with exquisite paintings of the deities, the paintings are made with a black background which are outlined with gold. Stongday is also a home to over 60 Gelukpa monks. Famous for its wealth of Buddhist relics, the monastery showcases it to the visitors to admire. The auspicious time to visit this popular tourist attraction is during the Gustor Festival which is held on the 28th - 29th day of every eleventh month of the Tibetan calendar in Stongdey monastery.

Getting There

Stongday Monastery can be reached from Padum via roadways. It is located 20 kilometres on the road to Zangla which leads to the Stongdey monastery. Reaching the Stongdey monastery requires excruciating walk to the top which may take 4 to 5 hours. But once here, the beauty of the monastery and its surroundings will completely heal your weariness.

Best Time to Visit

The months from mid-July to September are the best time to visit Stongday Monastery.

Things to Do and See

Since, Stongday Monastery is located far off the other tourist interest places, sightseeing maybe difficult to do in a day. However, there are many must see attractions inside the complex, Stongday houses seven temples in the monastery and Tshogs-khang is decorated with the paintings of the deities. Apart from a number of shrines in the monastery, you can also see images of Buddha, the ancient murals, thangkas and religious scriptures displayed to view. If you want to add enthusiasm during your visit then, you must witness the annual Gustor festival.

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