Phuktal Monastery Zanskar

A trip to the famous Phuktal monastery will give you a surreal experience, giving an image as if it is stuck in the mountains. More or less, it appears to look like legos attached on the walls. The Phuktal monastery is located at the remote Lungnak Valley, south of Zanskar. And the uniqueness of this monastery is that the structure is built on the cliff. From here, the view is breathtaking; it gives a panoramic view of the adjoining mountains and lustrous greens and Lungnak River. This is the remotest monastery and it is a popular attraction to visit during your Ladakh tourism. This Buddhist monastery is not only built on a cliff but it also has a natural cave. It is believed that around 2,550 years ago important sages, scholars, and translators visited this place. The Phuktal monastery was and it still is a preferred place by the scholars and teachers to meditate. This place has four prayer rooms and a library. While trekking being the only means to reach this monastery, it creates a calm and hassle-less ambiance with only sounds of nature.

Getting There

Phuktal monastery is located in Lungnak Valley, south of Zanskar and the monastery is accessible only by foot. However, you can get cab services from Padum dropping you at charming little village Ichar. Further from the Ichar village, you can either take a short walk to the next village or take a local transport that will drop you at the end of the road. From there on, you can start your heart-racing walk towards Phuktal monastery.

Best Time to Visit

The months from July to September are the best time to visit Phuktal Monastery.

Things to Do and See

Phuktal monastery is a far away destination and there are no other attractions around it. However, the place itself is a beauty surrounded by dramatic landscapes and small villages en-routing Phuktal. You can enjoy and live at the moment during your hike to Phuktal monastery. And stay over and experience the local culture of the village people and their lifestyle in halting places like Padum, Ichar, Anmu and Chaa. You can study, inspect, admire and take millions of images of the architecture, grand views and friendly monks in Phuktal monastery.

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