Khodri Dak Pathar Paonta Sahib, Himachal

Khodri Dak Pathar Paonta Sahib

This beautiful spot is located around 25 km away from Paonta Sahib and is known for its scenic surroundings and pleasant weather that pulls tourists from around the country. The Khodri Dak Pathar is a beautiful park with a swimming pool, and a tourist bungalow, which offer refreshing services to the guests like food, beverages, and accommodation, to make their stay relaxing.

Highlights The existence of an artificial lake, which has been created from the torrential River Yamuna by constructing a barrage, makes Khodri Dak Pathar a beautiful spot, which is worth a visit. The tourists can enjoy a fantastic view of the lake and the park nearby and indulge in photography to make their trip memorable. On the way to Khodri from Paonta, one will be delighted to experience the canal side drive, which is a must see thing while you are travelling to Khodri.

The Chhibran Power House is a unique sight to see as the entire structure has been built underground. It comes on your way to Khodri Dak Pathar. One can visit the Khodri Dak Pathar Park anytime, however, winter is the best time to visit Paonta Sahib because the climate is really pleasant during this time of the year.