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Hamirpur Travel Guide

A little paradise located near the hilly town of Kangra in the state of Himachal Pradesh, Hamirpur never stops to amaze its visitors with an enchanting scenic beauty and cultural vibe. The town serves as the headquarters of the district with the same name and is thronged by hordes of religious travellers and spirituality seekers to pay their homage in the town’s uncountable ancient temples and shrines. Not to mention, hills in and around Hamirpur offer ample scope for a range of activities which makes it an ideal retreat for thrill seekers too.

An Insight into Hamirpur Tourism

Sitting near the banks of River Beas, Hamirpur is one of the lesser explored destinations in Himachal. The place is named after the famous ruler of Katoch Dynasty, Raja Hamir Chand who reigned the region between 1700 and 1740 AD. Dotted with serene spots and captivating vistas of enchanting scenery, no wonder, the quaint little hill resort is rightly christened as a nature lover’s paradise. Majestic mountains, utmost serenity, tranquil aura and an endless adventure is what makes Hamirpur a delight for every traveller.

Hamirpur holds the reputation of being a prominent religious centre in Himachal. The town is peppered with a number of temples and shrines. The Deotsidh Shrine, also called the Cave Temple of Balak Nath in Hamirpur is its most sought after religious attraction. The famous Jwala Devi Temple, one of the sacred 51 Shaktipeeths of Goddess Sati, also lies in the close vicinity and makes for a must-visit destination for devotees and tourists alike.

Those travelling to the little gem of Hamirpur in pursuit of some sightseeing or historical exploration, must not miss an expedition to the historic site of Sujanpur Tira. Once the magnificent capital of the Katoch Rulers, the place is now home to remnants of a palace-fort and beautiful old temples that remind of the town’s glorious past; some of the finest frescoes and paintings belonging to the famous Kangra School of Miniature Paintings still adorn the palace walls and leave the visitors enthralled with their sheer brilliance of art and craftsmanship.

Besides being a historical attraction, Sujanpura Tira is also quite popular with the religious travellers; while many of the temples here today stand in ruins, the Murli Manohar Temple, Narbadeshwar Temple and Gauri Shankar Temple still stand strong and sing of the awe-inspiring Katoch glory. Those looking for some cultural insights during holidays in Hamirpur can plan their vacations near the festival of Holi when the town hides under the veil of grand festivities and celebrations. The 4 days long fair held at Sujanpur is indeed a magnificent extravaganza of cultural nights, music and dance competitions, handicraft exhibitions and of course, a melody of colours wafting in the air that leave everyone captivated.

For those travelling to Hamirpur in quest for some adrenaline charged fun, needless to say, the hills in and around the region are a sheer delight; the nearby towns of Sujanpur Tira and Nadaun serve excellent host for activities like trekking, hiking and paragliding. Not to mention, the gushing waters of Beas River flowing by, provide for an unparalleled thrill of river rafting and leave even most avid of the rafters with an experience of a lifetime. Recreational sports like angling and Mahaseer Fishing leave them travellers with that extra dose of fun and adventure that they yearn for.

Popular Tourist Attractions in Hamirpur

A hidden jewel in the lap of the Himalayas, Hamirpur sits as a significant religious and cultural centre. Home to a number of famous temples and shrines, the place also houses myriad of sightseeing attractions and historical sites. On the outskirts of Hamirpur, Bhakra Dam, Gobind Sagar Reservoir and Vyas Gufa make for some popular tourist attractions.

Popular Tour Packages for Hamirpur

A less explored gem in the lap of Himachal, Hamirpur is a must-visit travel destination for your upcoming holiday. Plan your trip here with our range of Hamirpur travel and tour packages that have been curated with utmost precision, taking into account the best places to visit, attractions to see and things to do, ensuring your sojourn here a memorable experience.

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