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Solan Travel Guide

Tucked away in the foothills of Lower Shivalik Ranges in the state of Himachal Pradesh, Solan is a charming little hill town known for its enchanting natural beauty and tranquil vibes. The beautiful hill resort with its unique blend of scenic splendour, culture, history, art and religion makes for a perfect choice for every kind of traveller; whether on a family vacation, an adventure trip, a cultural exploration or a romantic getaway, Solan will always leave you fascinated with its wide range of offerings.

An Insight into Solan Tourism

Solan is a small little hill town located on the foothills of Himalayas at an elevation of about 1600 metres in the enchanting North Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. Extensive mushroom farming, aptly nicknames this little town as the ‘Mushroom City of India’. Well that is not all! Solan is also the largest producer of tomatoes in the country and that is the reason it is also popularly called the ‘City of Red Gold’. 

Captivating scenic beauty dotted with snow-capped hills, lush meadows, fascinating forest trails and expansive mushroom plantations is what makes this tiny hamlet a delight for nature lovers and soul seekers alike. Go for some leisure strolls on winding roads, witness raw nature, pick some tomatoes from the farms, listen to the chirps of birds, or just sit back and relax in your hotel balcony sipping some hot tea, and you are sure to find that profound peace and solace which is now somehow lost in today’s busy lives.

Once a cantonment settlement during the British rule, Solan still maintains an old world charm and provides for a wonderful time to historians and architecture buffs looking to explore its history, art and architecture. The city is abound in huge number of forts, museums, monuments and churches that instantly transport visitors into the bygone era; visit the 'Dagshai Jail Museum' and learn how once Gandhi Ji volunteered to stay here supporting the Irish Independence movement or get amazed with the intricate artwork on the walls of the ancient 'Kuthar Fort' that still stands tall as a proud testimony to the Gurkha Kings. For much unique experience, get on a journey to one of the oldest breweries of the country, ‘Solan Brewery’ which was started under the British rule in the year 1855. Now converted into a distillery, it’s a great place to taste some local brews and fresh flavours.

Travellers visiting Solan in quest for some adventure, would definitely find them treated with a range of activities. Hills near the town serve as a hub for trekking, hiking and rock climbing. Not to mention, streams flowing through these hills are stocked with a variety of fish, providing ample opportunities to indulge in adventure sports like game fishing and angling.

The tiny hill resort of Solan is often said to be the abode of Pandavas who stayed here for some time during their period of exile. No wonder, there are many temples and religious attractions in and around the town that provide for a great insight to religious and spiritual travellers; some of the most recommended visits include the 'Shoolini Mata Temple', 'Lord Krishna's Temple' and the 'Jatoli Shiv Temple'.

For those seeking some cultural extravaganza, must plan a visit to Solan in the month of June when this beautiful town comes alive with grand celebrations of the ‘Solan Fair’. Held annually in the honour of Goddess 'Shoolini', the festival serves as an excellent platform to get a sneak-peek into local folk customs & traditions. Visitors can also plan a trip to the resplendent 'Bon Monastery' that sits on a hill top against the backdrop of captivating vistas. During your visit here, soak in the absorbing vibes of the Tibetan culture or simply sit back, relax and enjoy the nature’s unmatched glory.

Enveloped with great scenic vistas, ancient architecture and a tranquil ambience, Solan, undoubtedly makes for the perfect destination for your next vacation. Plan a trip here and embark on a fascinating journey discovering its hidden gems and unexplored trails.

Popular Tourist Attractions in Solan

The pretty hill station, hidden in the lap of nature, is peppered with an extensive range of tourist attractions and places of interest. From historical monuments, colonial buildings and religious sites to amusement parks, nature reserves and adventure fun and recreational activities, Solan has something for everyone. Not to the mention, the bustling ‘Mall Road’ right in the heart of the city is replete with numerous eating joints and curio shops to satiate that ardent foodie and shopper inside you.

Explore Popular Tour Packages for Solan

One of the best kept secrets of Himachal, Solan never stops to amaze the visitors with its varied range of offerings. Planning a trip here? Look out for our exclusive tour and travel packages that have been specially curated and designed to take care of all your budget and travel needs ensuring an unforgettable holiday experience for the lifetime.

Best Hotels & Resorts to Stay in Solan

The little hill town of Solan is blessed with a number of mid-range hotels that provide for a comfortable stay replete with all the basic facilities. There are a couple of guesthouses too to cater to accommodation needs of budget travellers. Those travelling in groups or in families can also opt for independent cottages and homestays which are also quite abundant in the region.

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